The Palazzo Vecchio gallery from Florence Italy is finally up

May 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I finally got around to finish this gallery in Lightroom and posting the pictures to the portfolio.  I still have to go through them and edit the titles and captions but that'll have to wait.  We're about to set sail on another cruise and I'll be taking a ton of pictures and video in the caribbean and then I'll have to have to sift through all of that before I can get back to finishing the Italy galleries.


And I still have to post the pictures from the Duomo in Florence.   Add in the regular work for the Orlando Weekly that'll start back up after the cruise and I just don't have enough hours in the week.  After this cruise, the next big trip isn't until the Spring of 2018 when we go to Germany so hopefully I'll be caught up by then....



Palazzo Vecchio - Picture - 8Palazzo Vecchio - Picture - 8


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