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August 2019
Cruise on the Ovation of the Seas
Davidson Glacier-Looking past the river, you see the glacier in the background. This was one of a few stops during an ATV excursion.The Glacier-Davidson Glacier in the backgroundGlacier melt headed out to sea-Bend in the river-The Davidson Glacier melt headed towards the Chilkat InletAlaska Mountains-Beauty in Alaska-Literally out in the middle of nowhere. Only accessible by boat or plane.A field in Alaska-Mountains in the backgroundCloser to the Chilkat inlet-Melt from the Davidson Glacier.Taking in the beauty-A quick stop during our ATV excursion from the Ovation of the Seas.Perfect for skipping rocks-Mountains and clouds-ATVs-These were SO much fun to drive.Perfect for framing-The Alaska scenery.Heading to the Meade Glacier-Helicopter transportation.A look down the side of the ship-The Ovation of the Seas as scene from the Solarium wing on Deck 14.Alaska in the morning-View from the aft of the ship-Ovation of the Seas