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On our second full day in Frankfurt, we took a day trip up to Cologne. The main part of the excursion was tour through the city on the upper deck of a tourist hop-on hop-off bus (we couldn't get off). This was a "quick" way to see the city but didn't allow for a lot of photographic opportunities since the bus never stopped in one place.

After that, we went inside the amazing Cologne Cathedral for a little while before heading back down the Autobahn to Frankfurt.
The front of the Cologne CathedralThe spires of the Cologne CathedralThe very top of the Cologne CathedralThe massive Cologne CathedralVery high ceilingA massive organOne of the stained glass windowsThe huge columnsHigh Alter in the backgroundCeiling of the NaveArtwork in the Cologne CathedralArtwork in the Cologne CathedralThe Crossing in the centerUpper stained glass windowsShrine of the MagiAmbulatoryBeautiful stained glassDetailed artworkOrgan on the North sideThe Nave Organ