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This is a special gallery of high dynamic range pictures from the various cities on our two week trip to Italy. Each picture was taken using special HDR settings on the camera to capture the perfect image to be framed and mounted on the wall. All of the pictures are available for purchase in prints, framed prints, canvas or digital download. Keepsakes are also available.
Capri in the clouds Taken from the top of Monte Solaro in CapriCapri and the Gulf of Naples from the top of the mountain Monte Solaro in CapriThe Gulf of Naples Taken from on top of the mountain in CapriLooking at Capri from the top of the mountainCapri and the cliffs overlooking the Gulf of NaplesThe cliffs of CapriCapri overlooking the Gulf of NaplesThe cliffs of CapriThe Arno River in Florence Italy Taken at Sunset with my Nikon D750 on a mini tripod. The nifty fifty in action. Photographers will get that one.Seminario Arcivescovile di Firenze The building was founded on November 4, 1712 by the Archbishop Tommaso Bonaventura Gherardesca. Today it is annexed to the church of San Frediano in Cestello in thePonte alla Carraia over the Arno river in FlorenceAnother view of Seminario Arcivescovile di FirenzeFlorence Italy at night The Nikon D750 in action. This was taken in HDR mode on a mini tripod with the camera running on the brick wall that runs along the river.Ponte Santa Trinita over the Arno river in FlorenceThe Arno River in Florence ItalyAnother view of Florence and the Arno River at nightAn HDR photo of Florence at night Using the HDR mode on the Nikon D750 and a little post editing in Adobe Lightroom, this photo is a unique view of the city.Looking across the rooftops of Florence This was taken from the rooftop of our hotel with the D750 sitting on a mini-tripod.The Duomo at night as seen from the top of our hotel There's an entire gallery on the duomo in another section of this site. Look for the Florence section under Italy and you'll find it in there.A wider angle of the Florence skyline at night