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Naples, a big city in southern Italy, sits on the Bay of Naples near Mt. Vesuvius. Dating to the 2nd millennium B.C.E., it has centuries of important art and architecture. Its landmarks include Naples Cathedral, whose Chapel of San Gennaro is filled with frescoes and statues, and the lavish Royal Palace. Naples is also renowned for its distinctive style of thin-crust pizza.
A smart car at a gas station in Naples. We were driving by on the tour bus and I had to get this picture. These cars are everywhere in Italy and most of the cars over there actually run on diesel.Some of the apartment buildings in Naples.Laundry hanging out to dry. Apparently this is quite common in certain parts of Naples. This was taken from our tour bus as we were driving through the city.Naples feels like a modern city but everyone so often, you drive by something like this statue that reminds you of the ancient Roman ties to the city..The Naples coastline. Looking across the Gulf of Naples from the marinaLooking at Mount Vesuvius from the Naples marina. Mount Vesuvius is very close to Naples so it makes for a great picture. According to Google Maps, that should be Ovo Castle in the foreground.Chalet delle Rose. Via Francesco Caracciolo, NaplesA man fishing in the Gulf of Naples. I took this picture from the pier at the Naples marina.Boats in the Gulf of Naples.Naples coastline and Ovo Castle. The Naples coastline and Ovo Castle as soon from the marina across the Gulf of NaplesBoats in the Gulf of Naples. That should be Monte Faito in the background.Malia Chalet in Naples.A couple on a scooter in Naples. Scooters, mopeds and motorcycles are all the rage in Italy. No matter which city we were in, we saw these everywhere.Some of the patrons sitting in front of one of the cafes in Naples.Another picture of Mount Vesuvius from the Naples marina.Chalet Del Sole. Naples ItalyPeople waiting at a bus stop in Naples. This was taken from our tour bus as we drove through Naples. We only stopped at one spot to take a few pictures. The rest of our visit to Naples was via a tourCastle in Naples. I took this picture from out tour bus as we were leaving Naples heading to Pompeii. Naples isn't the most tourist friendly city so we hardly spent any time off of the bus, it was mosModern Naples. Taken from the freeway heading out of Naples, this shows its more modern side.