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Pisa is a city in central Italy's Tuscany region best known for its iconic Leaning Tower. Already tilting when it was completed in 1372, the 56m white-marble cylinder is the bell tower of the Romanesque, striped-marble cathedral that rises next to it in the Piazza dei Miracoli, a grassy, walled square.
Piazza dei Miracoli. The Piazza dei Miracoli (Italian: Square of Miracles), formally known as Piazza del Duomo (Italian: Cathedral Square), is a wide walled area located in Pisa, Tuscany, Italy, recogPisa Baptistry of St. John. The Pisa Baptistry of St. John (Italian: Battistero di San Giovanni) is a Roman Catholic ecclesiastical building in Pisa, Italy. Construction started in 1152 to replace anThe wall surrounding the Piazza dei Miracoli.The Pisa Cathedral with the Leaning Tower in the background. The first stone of Pisa Cathedral was laid in 1093, initiating what would become the distinctive Pisan Romanesque style. The main architectA wider view of the wall. As you enter the square, this is your view to your left.Another view of the Baptistry of St. John.The Pisa Cathedral.Entrance to the Pisa Cathedral.The top of the baptistry of St. John.Close up view of the Baptistry of St. John. When you view the baptistry building from the ground, it's hard to see the detailed artwork on the exterior of the building.Camposanto Monumentale. The building was the fourth and last one to be raised in the Cathedral Square. It dates from a century after the bringing of the soil from Golgotha, and was erected over the eaAbove the entrance to the Cemetery in Pisa.The entrance to the Pisa square.Nuovo di Santo Spirito. The Ospedale Nuovo di Santo Spirito (New Hospital of Holy Spirit) is located on the southeast corner of the square. Built in 1257 by Giovanni di Simone over a preexisting smallAbove the entrance to the baptistry of St. John. The baptistry has such incredible artwork on the exterior of the building. We didn't go inside but if it's anything like the cathedral, the interior isThe top two levels of the leaning tower as seen from the square.The tip of the Pisa Cathedral.Another view of the exterior of the baptistry of St. John.The Leaning Tower behind the Cathedral. I took this picture to give you an idea of how much the tower is leaning.Palazzo dell'Opera on the left. The Opera Palace is a complex of houses in the Northeast corner of the square. They have been built in different periods, with the main building dating back to at least