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Sorrento is a coastal town in southwestern Italy, facing the Bay of Naples on the Sorrentine Peninsula. Perched atop cliffs that separate the town from its busy marinas, it’s known for sweeping views and Piazza Tasso, a cafe-lined square.
A scenic picture from the third floor balcony of the Hotel Imperial Tramontano in Sorrento. An HDR picture looking out into the Gulf of Naples from the balcony of our hotel room on the 3rd floor.A view to our left while looking out into the Gulf of Naples from our hotel balcony. It was very early in the morning so there's fog in the distanceMount Vesuvius across the Gulf of Naples. A high dynamic range image of Mount Vesuvius from our hotel balcony early in the morning.Another picture of Mount Vesuvius with different lighting effects applied.A man in his rowboat out in the Gulf of Naples. Another picture from our hotel balcony, this is a much larger image of the Gulf cropped down to showcase a man and his rowboatA small pier with a couple of ferry boats. This is another picture taken from our hotel balconyA view of Montechiaro from our hotel balcony in Sorrento. This was taken from our hotel balcony and based on Google Maps, should be the area of Montechiaro overlooking the Gulf of Naples.The Sorrento coastline from our hotel balcony.Another shot of the Sorrento coastline from our hotel balcony. This could be the Hotel Bellevue Syrene but I'm not sure. According to Google Maps, it's pretty close to our hotel and in the same directOne of the hotels overlooking the port of Sorrento and the Gulf of Naples. It's hard to tell which hotel this is from down at the pier where I was standing but it's very majestic sitting up on the hilFishermen and birds out in the Gulf of Naples. This was taken from the pier at Sorrento before we boarded the ferry to CapriGrand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria. Set in lush gardens overlooking the Gulf of Naples, this upscale hotel dating from 1834 is a 3-minute walk from Piazza Tasso and a 5-minute walk from Sorrento CathedralA view of the Sorrento hotels and restaurants that overlook the Gulf of Naples.A hotel overlooking the Gulf of Naples in Sorrento. I'm not sure which hotel this is but I thought it would make a nice picture.Hotel on the hill in Sorrento overlooking the Gulf of Naples. This picture was taken from the pier at full zoom.Another view of the marina in Sorrento.The small marina in Sorrento.Grand Hotel Europa Palace.The Paul & Shark. This is our ferry out to CapriMount Vesuvius from across the Gulf of Naples.